A breakfast that provides the necessary energy for the first school day, both for you and your children

Rain is pouring down and the wind blows hard at the trees in front of our window. Umbrellas and raincoats have come out of their summer storage boxes. Fall is here and summer is most likely not going to show her friendly face again until next year. School busses are back in the streets, the schoolbooks ready and the pencils sharpened. In other words, we’re ready to go back-to-school and we need a power breakfast!

With the new school days starting, we need a good breakfast to power up. So today I share with you a family favorite; Greek yogurt with figs and nuts. Now that there are still fresh figs, I happily use them. Come winter, dried figs work just as well. For children who are too small to eat nuts (or for those of you who don’t want to be chopping nuts so early in the day…) a drizzle of your favorite nut butter is a great substitute.

If you rather drink your breakfast, try our breakfast-oatmeal-smoothie. Super easy and ready in a jiffy. You can even pack it, to drink on the way. https://yogicfoods.com/oatmeal-breakfast-drink/

There isn’t really any measuring needed, just pour some Greek yogurt, sprinkle some chopped nuts, add some quartered figs and other fruit you like. Drizzle some honey and enjoy a hearty, sweet and powerful breakfast that is sure to keep you full until lunch time.




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