Who doesn’t want to wake up to an easy, tasty, nutritious and super fast breakfast. This Oatmeal Breakfast Drink is just that. No need for overnight soaking (because, prepping breakfast before going to bed, has yet to happen) and no need for blending (because that is so loud in the morning).

Welcome milled oats (or whole grain oatmeal flour). You still get your breakfast oats, they are just ground before you make the smoothie instead of after. Feel free to experiment with the flavors. This combination is easy to like, we hope you will enjoy it too.

I put the ingredients in these cute little bottles, which makes it easy to mix and drink.

6 teaspoons organic whole grain oat flour
4 tablespoons boiling water
1 teaspoon organic date paste
2 tablespoons organic apple sauce
5 tablespoons of organic milk of choice (dairy, almond, rice)
pinch of cinnamon powder

Put the first 2 ingredients in the bottle, close the lid and shake until it has no lumps. Then add the rest and shake until well mixed and enjoy.




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