YogicFoods Baking

It is all in the name with this one. Sweet and savory baked goods is what this app offers. Just not your average fair. We never use refined sugars or butter and we always focus on health first. So all the recipes are healthier variates of classics or originals from our own kitchen.

All recipes are vegetarian and egg free. Many of them are also vegan, or we give vegan options. Besides that we pride ourselves in being allergy friendly and offer nut free and gluten free dishes, everything is well specified for your convenience.

We have all heard from our mothers that its better to eat an apple than a candy – and you know she was right… We specify in each dish what the yogic health benefits of the ingredients are. This way you will also know why it is better to choose the apple. And we don’t stop at that. Each dish falls under a chakra that could benefit from eating those specific foods.

Why? Because sometimes you feel sluggish, like crying, you cannot concentrate, uncertain or .. fill in yourself. Those feelings could point to a chakra (or chakras) out of balance. Eating the right food is one step forward to balancing those chakras. That is why we included a chakra guide, with remedies and suggested meditations.

Talking of which. We added meditations to our apps. Each chakra has a meditation that could help you back on track to get mindful, balanced and aware. We suggest times, but everyone is different and no one day is the same. Our timers are adjustable to your personal needs.

iPhone Version

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iPad Version

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