When the coldest days of winter are coming to an end and winter solstice is passing, time has come to celebrate Lohri.

We travelled to India beginning of this year just in time to celebrate Lohri. This Indian festival of bonfires is all about letting go of winters’ cold and welcoming warmer days.

Lohri is supposedly mostly celebrated in the North of India, the Punjab region, but being in New Delhi our family only experienced it ‘Delhi-style’. We ate the nut brittle (peanut or sesame seeds in crunchy caramel), tried chai made with jaggery and enjoyed carrots red as the bonfires and sweet as honey. And yes, I hope we will be able to make yogic version of the brittle, but then yoga is all about balance isn’t it?

While we are in India we are eating great food, exploring new places and dishes and experiencing India at its best. Follow us on Instagram or on Twitter to keep track of all that we’re cooking, eating and doing! Or download our apps from the AppStore to get started with some wholesome cooking yourself. 

Not only is Lohri the time to say goodbye to the cold winter. It is also an opportunity to leave behind negativity, sadness and bad habits. Write it on a piece of paper and burn it in the flames of the Lohri bonfire. The time for warmer days has begun and with that also a brighter beginning of a new year.

The neighbors gathered around the big bonfire in front of our house. They handed out corn kernels and popcorn to trow into the fire. As we watched the people dance around the fire, singing and eating, we all felt so privileged and grateful to be a part of this.

We leave behind a year of sorrow and loss and welcome a new beginning in good health. With sharing our experiences and especially the food we eat, we hope to inspire you. Happy Lohri!

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