Make this refreshing Chimichurri salad dressing today and make your dinner taste better

Chimichurri is such an amazing dressing for over salad or fingerling potatoes or to use as a marinate. It is surprisingly simpel to make too. All in all a perfect staple to add to our essentials.

It is unbelievable how a good dressing can completely change the taste of your food. This dressing is a staple in Argentina and is so refreshing it was mind-blowing the first time I tasted it. Chimichurri uses fresh parsley paired with the sour note from vinegar or lemon juice and then rounds it up with some garlic and chili. In this version I also added some ginger and cumin powder.

Parsley is such a gem, it has many many health benefits. Foremost it is a fantastic purifier and the combination with lemon juice only makes it better. Making a salad dressing like chimichurri isn’t exactly rocket science so try to vary and experiment with the proportions. You can add a handful of different herbs, too, like oregano, cilantro or a hint of mint.

Just add one bunch of fresh parsley, a chopped red onion, some garlic cloves, salt and chili flakes to your blender and add to that vinegar and oil in a 2-to-3 ratio. Blend until smooth and taste to adjust the flavor. For more recipes download our app for iPhone.

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You see that chimichurri salad dressing uses ingredients you most likely already have in your pantry. If you have run out of any of them, here are some suggestions that you could get. These affiliate links will bring you directly to Amazon.



I am sure you will perfect your chimichurri salad dressing recipe and create your own family favorite. Enjoy!


Quick to make, tangy and spicy dressing from Argentina


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