We were in India! Breathing in the hot Indian air, enjoying the cows walking down our street in the middle of New Delhi, devouring the food, but most of all catching up with family and loving the company our children gave their grandparents. FaceTime is great, but real hugs and kisses win anytime.

And to show her gratitude and happiness for our visit, Dadi made delicious food everyday, breakfast, lunch and dinner. A cooking vacation for me, in the sense that I didn’t cook at all, I just ate… and got inspired.

One of the lunches Dadi made were these delicious crepes made with chickpea flour and filled with aloo jeera (cumin seasoned potatoes). They are naturally gluten free and vegan. Of course I had to try these myself. The recipe will be featured in the app with the next update, but if you like to experiment yourself…

3 parts chickpea flour
1 part rice flour
turmeric, salt and pepper to taste
some mustard seeds
aloo jeera, mashed

Mix with water until it becomes a thin paste/batter. Heat some oil in a frying pan and add a scoop of the batter. Spread it out, so it becomes a thin crepe. When the top is dry, add some aloo jeera on one half, and flip the other half over the aloo. Now you have a half circle. Flatten and flip, so the aloo inside is warmed up. Transfer to a plate. I pushed in some lettuce and raw onions too and it was delicious.


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