The food that we eat, effects the acid-alkaline balance in our body. According to the Yogic Diet tradition, the food that we eat should be slightly alkaline. Too much acidity, and therefore an unbalanced acid-alkaline level, prevents the body from absorbing vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It will become more vulnerable and can fall ill more easily. But what is this acid-alkaline balance?

The acid-alkaline balance in our body might be better known as our blood pH value. pH is the abbreviation for potential hydrogen and shows the measure of hydrogen concentration in any solution, liquid or substance, for example our blood or foods we eat. The higher the pH value is, the more alkaline and oxygen the substance contains. The lower the pH reading, the more acidic and oxygen deprived the substance.

That is a very scientific explanation, so lets go back to the Yogic Diet. Basically, over time, our dietary choices slowly effect the acidity and alkaline levels in our blood. The ideal balance is a diet of 2/3 alkaline foods and 1/3 acidic foods. A body that is slightly alkaline is healthier and can heal itself more efficiently than a body that has higher acidic levels. It helps to rebuild and tone organs, nerves and glands. A person with a high acidity level, on the other hand, will likely to feel anxious, tired, nervous, short of breath and have high blood pressure.

The question is of course, which foods are acidic and which are alkaline? Citrus fruits are certainly acidic, but have an alkalizing effect on the body and are therefore considered an alkaline food. So it is not always as clear as it may seem.

  1. Sweet fruit, sour fruit, green vegetables, legumes (lentils, beans, garbanzos), milk, yogurt, paneer (Indian cottage cheese), cottage cheese, buttermilk, almonds, buckwheat and honey are examples of excellent alkaline-forming foods
  2. Meat, fish, eggs, sweets and most starches have an acidifying effect on the body
  3. Ghee (clarified butter), butter, margarine and oils are considered neutral foods, but too much of these will have an acidifying effect on the body. These foods are so heavy and highly concentrated, that the body has to produce extra levels of acidity in order to digest them.
  4. Furthermore, stress and toxic foods like alcohol will increase the acidity levels in the body

In general, it is advised to cut down the intake of heavy, starchy, fatty foods, sweets and animal protein. YogicFoods apps have many inspiring and tasty recipes that fit in a healthy Yogic Diet. And with every update, you receive new, unique recipes for free! Choose from the Original app, the baking special or the international recipes for festive occasions to have a complete library of delicious Yogic vegan and vegetarian recipes.

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